PMI Monterey Bay Chapter

Claiming PDUs

Claiming PDUs

Monterey Bay Chapter uploads PDUs after each meeting. See Chapter Documents/ Board Turnover for how to upload Professional Development Units. This is done by a volunteer approved and assisted by the President.


The following information required to claim for PDUs : 
• Your PMI ID number
• Your PMP Cert number
• Your CCR password
• Event Title
• Event Date
• Event Type (Evening, Breakfast, …)
• Event Host Contact Information

Locate the CCR Reporting Forms

1. Go to PMI’s Continuing Certifications Requirements System
2. Click “Log In” and enter your PMI username and password
3. From the “Certification” tab menu select “Maintain your certification: Earn and report PDUs
4. Search for Activities and Provider
5. On the left side bar, click ‘Report professional development units (PDUs)’
6. On the ‘Report Professional Development Units’ form page, select the Category (see list below). Instructions below are for Category A events.

Category A events: Claim your PDUs for 1 or 1.5, (7, 8 for MS Project) PDU Events, such as the regular Evening Program, Breakfast meetings or MS Project workshop.

1. Select “Cat A: Registered Education Provider/PMI Component” for PDU category
2. Select “Report a component 1-2 PDU Event” for Activity Type
3. Click [Next]
4. Enter C312 for Component ID
5. Click [Search]
6. “C312 PMI Monterey Bay Chapter” will pre-fill the Component Name.
7. Enter the correct Activity date completed and Activity title
8. Leave Activity meeting number blank
9. Enter the number of PDUs claimed
10. Click [Next]
11. Click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions
12. Click [Submit]

Number of credits:
• Evening Program – 1.5 PDUs
• Breakfast Meetings – 1 PDUs
• MS Project Foundation 7 PDUs
• MS Project Advanced Workshop 8 PDUs