Unlocking the Power of AI in Law

Power Skills

Join us for a captivating exploration into how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the landscape of the legal industry.  Learn how AI is revolutionizing legal research, and the broader decision-making process.  Delve into the diverse applications and advantages of AI, especially its role in the legal profession and its overlap with business law.  Gain insights into AI's ability to enhance efficiency, increase accuracy, and improve client relations in a constantly changing regulatory environment.  This session offers a comprehensive look into the future of law and equips you with the knowledge to lead in an AI-driven legal world.  Don't miss this opportunity to understand the ethical challenges and embrace the immense possibilities AI brings to the legal industry.  Get ready to be inspired and empowered to embrace the transformative potential of AI in the legal field.




  1. Explore AI's legal applications, benefits, ethics, and future impact on the legal field.
  2. Examine AI limitations, ensuring oversight for accuracy and ethical compliance in legal practice.
  3. Address bias, privacy concerns, security, and ethical obligations in AI adoption.

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Special Event

Type of activity: Power Skills

Date: October 19th, 2023

Hour: 6:00PM to 7:30PM

# of PDUs: 1.5


Students: Free

Members: Free

Non members and Guests: Free


Carmel Mission Inn

3665 Rio Road
Carmel-by-the-sea, CA, 93923

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